Inspired by the earth

We inspire conscious fashion using eco-friendly solutions for shoe creations. This great ecologic solution helps reducing the carbon foot print by reducing the use of rubber while reusing past materials.

Vegan Shoes

Cork is 100% organic and totally eco-friendly raw material that we can use to make bags, wallets, shoes, and other products. It's born in trees and regenerates again every time you remove it. Portugal is the biggest producer of cork in all over the world.

Made from recycled material


Made in Portugal

Crafted by experienced shoe makers from our community in north of Portugal.


Anatomically PU shaped footbed with an extra layer of vegan suede providing maximum comfort. The soft suede regulates the temperature in the sandal and ensures a pleasant feeling on the skin – even when barefoot.


Inspired by the earth this beautiful looking cork shoes have a special outsole mixed made from rubber and reused plastic.

The upper is made from premium cork leather, soft and ultra light. Micro-fiber lining will keep your feet comfy no matter warm or cold.

We care about the earth

We're sick of destroying the earth for future generations because of our own greed and focus on profit first. Here at conscious shoes we aren't willing to compromise our values to make a profit. We're driven by creating a sustainable earth, that's why we have decided to donate $2 per pair of shoe sold to cleaning the beaches. Join us on this mission, we are coming soon!

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